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zcrawjoinsplit rawtx inputs outputs vpub_old vpub_new
  inputs: a JSON object mapping {note: zcsecretkey, ...}
  outputs: a JSON object mapping {zcaddr: value, ...}

DEPRECATED. Splices a joinsplit into rawtx. Inputs are unilaterally confidential.
Outputs are confidential between sender/receiver. The vpub_old and
vpub_new values are globally public and move transparent value into
or out of the confidential value store, respectively.

Note: The caller is responsible for delivering the output enc1 and
enc2 to the appropriate recipients, as well as signing rawtxout and
ensuring it is mined. (A future RPC call will deliver the confidential
payments in-band on the blockchain.)

Output: {
  "encryptednote1": enc1,
  "encryptednote2": enc2,
  "rawtxn": rawtxout

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